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My name is Maxwell Montante and I am a photographer/videographer. I chose this life in order to explore the untamed and vast expanses of this Earth while telling inspiring stories. I strive to deliver engaging storytelling, while meshing human talent and nature in creative ways.

I truly believe growth happens when we are in discomfort. What better way to be in a state of discomfort than to be in the mountains on the edge of a cliff. I find myself the happiest when I am pushing my physical boundaries. Whether the adventure is hiking, action sports, climbing, water sports or travel, I am all in... camera in hand and ready to get the shot! I live by two things- seek discomfort and live like it's your last.

I hope that if you've found me, you are a little more inspired to go outside and explore this beautiful speck of gas floating in the universe we call Earth. 🌍 

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